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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Admit it, Symbian gaming sucks.! From Nokia 6600 to Nokia Pureview
808, gaming on Nokia phones has always been below par. Symbian barely
supports 2D games..!

But you dont HAVE to play those laggy miserable games. Symbian may be
the worst Smartphone OS but its a Smartphone OS none-the-less. Here is
some info on a 3rd party App that can somewhat feed that gaming fire
in you.

Game Boy Advance was a portable gaming console that was launched
Nintendo in 2001. Games for this console were launched up until 2008.
Right now there are over 2500 games available for GBA. The size of
These games range from 8 MB to 32 MB. Now I will provide you with an
easy step by step guide on how to play GBA games on your Symbian

STEP 1: First thing you need is QT. It is a cross platform software
and you can download it from here

STEP 2: Unzip it using Xplore. If you dont have Xplore download it
from here

STEP 3: Install Qt and other components, this may take a few minutes
so be patient and let it install. Install only in phone memory.

STEP 4: Download GPSP 6.5 from here
and install it.

STEP 5: Now download the GBA bios from here
and unzip it.

STEP 6: Start GPSP and load the BIOS i.e. Give the path of the "Bios.bin" file.

STEP 7: Now download this keyboard Launch this keyboard called Animation. Now select Options-Send to background. Now Open gpsp, press camera button and select Run Key Config. Set keys as you like and load rom.

And youre done, now download ROMS from and enjoy..!
These games dont have high quality graphics but they do have great
Gameplay and Story. Plus, they are a lot better than symbian games. I recommend
the Pokemon games because they will keep you engrossed for months. Go
Ahead, Catch Them All..!


Krishnan said...

As always if you have any problems, comment here or tweet me at

Krishnan said...

If you guys have any problems downloading the Animation Keyboard try this site

Aronjoy Das said...

Are the softwares signed or do they need to be signed after downloading?

Qaisar Abbas said...

thank you for the guide..

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