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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Micromax is on a roll with Android Smartphones these days. Their latest offering is the A75 Superfone lite.

This is Micromax's first phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The Micromax A70 was a Froyo running phone which was promised a Gingerbread update about six months ago is still making us wait. The A75 is basically the update to the A70. The phone is billed as being in the Superfone series but it lacks the dual core processor that the A85 possesses.

The basis specs are a 650 mhz processor, a 3.7 inch Capacitive touchscreen with 320x480 pixels resolution, 3g, WIFI, Bluetooth 3.0, a 3 MegaPixel camera with LED flash. For juice it relies on a 1300 MAH battery.

PRICE: This one will cost you Rs. 8990.

MY TAKE on this phone is that despite some positives like Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the huge 3.7 inch screen, it has noticeable cons like the slow 650 mhz processor and insufficient 1300 MAH battery.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Finally after the launch of the tablet on october 5th, the super cheap Aakash is now available for purchase. The one available right now is the student version of Aakash. The other commercial version dubbed Aakash 2 or Ubislate will be available in late january.

You can prebook the aakash 2 tablet on their site If you want the current version you can order on the site they will deliver it to you within a week's time. They have also stated that consumers will have to pay Cash On Delivery.

These are the main differences between the Aakash 1 and Aakash 2:-

SCREEN: Aakash 1- 7 inch resistive screen, aakash 2- capacitive screen.

PROCESSOR: Aakash 1- 366 Mhz. Aakash 2- 700 Mhz A8 processor.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Aakash 1- Android 2.2 Froyo. Aakash 2- Android 2.3 Gingerbread

CONNECTIVITY: Aakash 1- WIFI. Aakash 2- Wifi, Gprs and SIM card phone functionality.

BATTERY: Aakash 1- 2100 Mah. Aakash 2- 3200 Mah

PRICE: Aakash 1- Rs. 2500. Aakash 2- Rs.2999

If you want this dirty cheap tablet, I would suggest waiting till Late January but if you cant wait, Aakash 1 can be at your doorstep in a week.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Nokia has ruled the smartphone world for a long time with their Symbian OS. Its almost hard to imagine a Nokia phone with a different OS.

Symbian may be the most buggy and lagging OS ever but their monopoly on the smartphone market and affordable prices allowed them to rule for so long. Now with other operating systems coming up and iOS and Android dominating the market a change was due. Enter Nokia Lumia 800.

This is Nokia's first foray into the Windows phone market. The Lumia 800 features a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive display with 480x800 pixels resolution.

In the Memory department it has 16 gb internal memory, 512 mb RAM and no card slot for memory expansion.

It has an 8 mp autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash. The camera can record 720p videos at 30 frames per second. It does not have a front camera.

It features a 1.4 Ghz Scorpion processor with Adreno 205 GPU. It runs the Windows Phone Mango 7.5.

It runs on a 1450 Mah battery. It has GPS with AGPS but does not support java. Connectivity-wise it has Wi-fi, bluetooth, 3g with 14 mbps speed and USB. It only supports a micro Sim.

PRICE: The approximate price of the Nokia Lumia 800 is Rs. 28,000. It launches in india on 12th December.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After downloading software or games from sites other than the messy OVI store, its a common problem for a certificate error to show up.

These errors actually show up when you try to install the software and may read 'Constrained by Certificate, contact Supplier' or 'Certificate error'. However these errors can be solved by an easy but long process. Here is a quick guide on how to solve the certificate error:

STEP 1: Goto and register. Its free. They will ask for your email and IMEI number. Dial *#06# to know your IMEI number.

STEP 2: After registration they will send you an email within 12 hours. Dont forget to check your inbox AND your spam folder.

STEP 3: After you recieve the email from them goto their site again and login. You will see that there will be two files waiting for you, CER and KEY. They will be about 5 kb in size. Download both of them.

STEP 4: Download this software called the Free signer. You can download it easily based on your symbian version.

STEP 5: Install Free Signer and in settings give the path of the certificate and Key that you have download.

STEP 6: Now select "Add task" from Free Signer and select the software which shows certificate error. After that select "Sign Sis" from the options.

After the process a new file with "signed" written in the end of it will be created, you are now free to install that file.!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Micromax has been dipping its feet in the smartphone market as of late with several android phones. The first was the low end A60 which is available at only Rs. 4280. The second midrange device was the A70 which sells for Rs. 7400. Both of these phones were fairly profitable to Micromax.

But now Micromax has taken a huge leap right into the premium smartphone market with the A85. The phone is being billed as a superfone. Lets see what it has to offer specs-wise:-

SCREEN: 3.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support and 480 by 800 pixels resolution

AUDIO JACK: standard 3.5 mm jack

MEMORY: 8 GB internal memory which is expandable upto 32 GB, 512 MB RAM


OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 2.2 Froyo

CAMERA: 5 Megapixel Autofocus camera with HD video recording and secondary VGA camera for video talking

1 Ghz dual core processor


Additional features include an FM radio, AGPS, an HTML browser with Flash and an office document viewer.
The Superfone also has Gesture control which means you can use your phone just by waving a hand across it and not having to actually touch it. You can control most of the phone's features by gesture control.
The Spotlight however is on its dual core 1 Ghz processor. This is the cheapest dual core phone available in the Indian market priced at Rs. 19,500. The Samsung Galaxy R is the closest dual core phone to the price with a price tag of 22,900.
This is a good effort by Micromax and the phone is definitely worth buying. What do you think of this phone ? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Sony Ericsson announced that all its Xperia phones launched in 2011 will surely get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Till now there was no confirmation of the time of update being rolled out. But the Sony Ericsson Italy site tells us that the update will officially rollout in March 2012.
These are the 11 lucky phones that will get the ICS update:
1. Live With Walkman
2. Xperia Neo
3. Xperia Neo V
4. Xperia Arc
5. Xperia Arc S
6. Xperia Mini
7. Xperia Mini Pro
8. Xperia Pro
9. Xperia Active
10. Xperia Ray
11. Xperia Play
So all the phones are actually getting the update. The company is in the process of putting its custom TimeScape UI on the OS.
The facebook post by Sony Ericsson Italy also said that they are the only company to update their entire lineup of smartphones to ICS from midrange to High end. One of the commenters also said that Samsung will not be updating its low end smartphones to ICS like the Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Y.
So if you have one of these SE smartphones, you will have to wait for 4 months for an ICS update and if you dont have one of these, this may be a good time to buy one.

Friday, November 4, 2011


LG issued a statement recently about the uncertainty of the LG OPTIMUS 2X getting the ice cream sandwich update.
This created a lot of rumors saying the LG OPTIMUS 2x will never get the update. LG has now said the rumors are not true and an update for the 2x is already being worked on.
A Lot of LG customers were disgruntled because of these rumors.
The LG OPTIMUS 2X was the first phone to have a dual core CPU. It recently recieved the Gingerbread update on November 1st. The Optimus black and Optimus 3d will soon be updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread too but no official word on the Ice cream sandwich update.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Opera launched new versions of Opera Mini for Java, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. They also launched a special Opera labs version for the Meego platform.
The Opera Mini version now available is 6.5 which was updated from version 6.1. The Opera Mobile version went from version 11.1 to 11.5.
The new features of these new versions are as follows:
1. Data usage can now be measured inside the browser. It also shows how much data you saved by using this browser. To use this feature just goto help>data usage
2. You can now bookmark a website by just pressing the star on the left of the URL.
3. Now the browser automatically imports the bookmarks from the native browser.
4. Better Opera turbo (only in Opera Mobile)
5. Better Video Support in Opera Mobile.
These features are definitely a step forward but personally I think they should update Opera Mini to 7.0 and include features like a proper download manager. Anyway you can download the new versions here

Friday, October 21, 2011


The Walkman brand is one of the most well known brands associated with Sony. We have all owned Walkmans before the ipod happened to us. When Sony decided to put the walkman label on their phones it made them the number one music handset selling brand.

Earlier this year Sony said they will be putting an end to the Walkman products. Being a satisfied walkman phone user myself, I bid an emotional goodbye. But in the android age SE has again introduced an awesome little phone which is live with walkman.

They earlier launched the SE W8 walkman android but it had a very old android OS (2.1 Eclair). That made it a bad buy.

Anyway, SE has recently launched a new Walkman android LIVE WITH WALKMAN which will certaily make a splash here is what it has to offer


Screen: 3.2 inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels. Its also scratch resistant.

Connectivity: 3g (HSDPA) , Wifi, Edge, Bluetooth, Usb

Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Upgradable to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich)

Processor: 1 Ghz Snapdragon Processor with Adreno 205 GPU

Loudspeaker: Stereo Speakers with Sony's xLOUD technology for louder music.

Radio: FM Radio with RDS

GPS: yes, with Assisted GPS

Weight: 115 grams

Camera: 5 mp with 2592 by 1944 pixels. It has Geo tagging, image stabilization, Auto focus, LED flash. It can record 720p video and also has a front VGA camera for video talking.

In my opinion this is a great phone which should satisfy the needs of any audiophile and give a decent android experience. Its price in India is approximately Rs. 13,990.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The minister of HRD, Communication and IT Mr. Kapil Sibal has been saying for years that he will launch a cheap laptop for students.
Then he announced that this laptop has suddenly become a cheap tablet.

On October 5th, Mr. Kapil Sibal finally unveiled "Aakash" the world's cheapest tablet.
The tablet was formerly known as "Sakshat" but it was changed probably because Aakash is easier to pronounce.
Anyway, here is what Aakash has to offer :

1. Android 2.2 Froyo which is somewhat outdated.

2. A 367 Mhz processor. So its gonna be slow. But it comes with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit so you can watch HD videos.

3. A 7 inch Resistive LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels. So you will actually have to press the screen instead of just touching it.

4. 256 mb of RAM with 2 gb of internal memory which is okay. You can expand it to 32 gb.

5. WIFI and GPRS mode of connection.

6. 2 USB 2.0 ports which can come in handy.

7. A Nice document Viewer that supports all office docs like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS etc.

8. A 2100 MAH battery

The tablet weighs just 350 grams and comes with a One year replacement Guarantee.
Despite of the "Made in India" tag it is actually manufactured In London by DataWind.
This tablet will cost approximately Rs. 1400 for students and Rs. 3000 for other customers on retail.
There is talk of a 3g enabled version of this tablet that will be announced soon but till then you will have to do with Aakash which will hopefully be available for purchase at the end of this month.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well, it has finally happened, the iphone 4S has been revealed putting all the rumors to rest.
Some people(including me) were disappointed with the announcement of only one phone which is evident by the fact that Apple's stocks have fallen 5%.
But lets not be negative here. The iphone 4S is certainly a nice upgrade to the iphone 4.
The screen size and dimensions remain the same but the processing power under the hood has increased considerably.
It comes with a dual core cortex A9 CPU and PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.
What that means in layman terms is that it will a hell of a lot faster and will have high-end graphics for games, videos and the likes.
It will give a maximum of 14.4 mbps speed. It is not at the level of most of the high-end 4g phones nowadays but for most people its blazing fast.
It supports both GSM and CDMA networks so it can be used anywhere in the world.

In the camera department the 5 mp snapper in the iphone 4 has been replaced by an 8 mp unit in the iphone 4s. Video can now be recorded in 1080p HD.

One very cool feature that the iphone 4S brings is Siri, you own personal Voice assistant.
It can do the following things:
1. It will search the internet based on any word(s) you say
2. It will write sms,notes, email etc. If you say them aloud.
3. It can read aloud all your emails, sms etc.
4. You can voice command it to do anything.
5. It supports English, French and German. Apple promises it will support more languages later.

PRICING: In America The iphone 4S will cost you 199 dollars for the 16 GB version, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB all with a 2 year contract. Yeah, I wish I could afford it too.!

Monday, October 3, 2011

iphone 4S confirmed

The Vodafone Germany website has made a blunder and has revealed that there will definitely be an iphone 4S.
This phone was rumoured to be a cheaper version of the iphone 4. It was said it had a version with 8GB memory but the versions available here are 16/32/64.
Considering these rumors this does not look like a cheap phone.
The model number of this phone is N90A. The model number of the iphone 4 is N90.
The question still remains if we will see one iphone 4S announced or will we see the 4S and the iphone 5..?
One thing is for certain, the announcement of these phones will result in a decrease in the price of older phones like the iphone 3gs.
These rumors tempt geeks and casual users alike as the world eagerly awaits the announcement from Apple Inc. tomorrow. Less than 24 hours remain..!! as revealed that there will definitely be an iphone 4S.
This phone was rumoured to be a cheaper version of the iphone 4. It was said it had a version with 8GB memory but the versions available here are 16/32/64.
Considering these rumors this does not look like a cheap phone.
The model number of this phone is N90A. The model number of the iphone 4 is N90.
The question still remains if we will see one iphone 4S announced or will we see the 4S and the iphone 5..?
One thing is for certain, the announcement of these phones will result in a decrease in the price of older phones like the iphone 3gs.
These rumors tempt geeks and casual users alike as the world eagerly awaits the announcement from Apple Inc. tomorrow. Less than 24 hours remain..!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Iphone 5 and another cheap iphone coming on October 4.!

After Months and Months of Controversy and wild guesses, it has been Officially announced that the iphone 5 is set to be launched on October 4.

The invitations have been sent out to everyone by Apple Inc. The announcement is set to take place in the Apple campus in Cupertino, California.

There has been a lot of speculation about the iphone 5. Tons of rumors have been flying around. Some even go as far as to say that it will be a completely transparent phone.

There is another rumor that Apple will be launching a smaller more affordable version of the iphone 4. This will be an 8 GB variant of the iphone 4. Early reports say that it may cost around 300 $. Which is roughly 15000 rupees. This is still quite expensive but it will definitely attract more buyers.

The cheaper version of the iphone 4 will be known as the iphone 4S. Though the odds are against such an affordable phone being announced, lets just pray that it happens...