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Friday, June 29, 2012


Just when you thought Everyone forgot about Android due to the slew of
Windows 8 tablets launched at Computex 2012, Google has launched its
much anticipated Nexus Tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The tablet is manufactured by Asus who has been a major innovator in
the tablet industry has a lot of hype, lets see what it delivers

PROCESSOR: A quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.3 Ghz
with a ULP GEFORCE (12 core) GPU.


CAMERA: A 1.3 mp front camera. No camera on the back. 720p video recording.

CONNECTIVITY: Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB 2.0

SCREEN: A 7 inch LED backlit IPS capacitive screen with 1280x800
pixels resolution. It can display 16 million colours and is protected
by Corning Gorilla Glass.

MEMORY: 1 GB RAM with 8 Gb and 16 Gb storage.

BATTERY: A 4325 MAH Battery which with last for about 8 hours.

With Specs like that who needs a laptop ? A quad-core seems a bit
excessive and only 8 GB storage without a MicroSD card slot is
underwhelming. The 8 gb version will cost you $199(Rs 10,000) and the
16 gb version costs $249(Rs. 15,000). To say the price is Impressive
would be the Understatement of the year.

This Ultra-Affordable, Power-Packed slate is sure to Blow the
competition out of the water. To keep the price down, Google has
excluded a MicroSD card slot and a Sim card slot. At this price point
The absence of these two slots will barely affect the sales of this
Game-Changing Tablet.

The tablet will be available in mid-July. Are you going to buy one ? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Nokia may have abandoned its Super Slow Symbian Operating System but
there are still a lot of people stuck with the obsolete OS. Nokia
still sells a slew of Symbian phones including its flagship phone, the
Nokia Pureview 808.

Among the long list of problems that Symbian has the biggest one is
the Dreaded "Certificate Error". If you have a Symbian phone you may
have encountered tons of errors such as "Certificate Error", "Unable
to install, constrained by certificate", "Update Error" and so on. I
think its safe to say that Nokia makes more errors than it makes

In my blog
I described how to create your own certificate but now Nokia has
disallowed those sites from making certificates. It is evident that
Nokia does not want its consumers to use their phones to their maximum

Now Symbian users have no option left but to hack their phone. Here is
a quick step by step tutorial to hack your phone. Dont worry hacking
has NO disadvantages and it does not damage your phone.

STEP 1: Download this file
. It is a zip file so use Xplore to unzip it.

STEP 2: After unzipping you will find two files, install the Norton Antivirus.

STEP 3: Open Norton Antivirus, goto to Options-Antivirus-Quarantine
List-Restore all.

STEP 4: After the files are restored, unistall the Norton Antivirus
(Symantec Symbian Hack).

STEP 5: Install Rompatcher from the zip file in your phone memory (C)
. Open Rompatcher, You will see two patches Install Server and
Open4all. Goto Options-Apply all. Then add to auto.

And thats it, your phone is now hacked..! Now you can install any
application without worrying about certificate errors. This hacking
method works with S60v5, S3, Anna and Belle.

Monday, June 4, 2012


"Opera Mini 7 for feature phones Launched" this is a direct quote from
Opera and other tech sites. But the latest version of the budget
browser was also launched for Nokia's Symbian OS and the Blackberry OS. I
guess no one considers Symbian a Smartphone OS anymore.

Coming to the browser, Opera has introduced several new features in
the latest version. The most conspicuous of those is the inclusion of
Opera's Smart-Page. The Smart-page brings Social updates on your Opera
homepage itself. All you have to do is login to Facebook and Twitter
and you get all your social updates.

The Smart-Page also gives you updates from sites that you visit
regularly. Ready made links are also provided for Sports, Movies,
News, Music, Travel etc. So it is really "Smart".!

Other new additions include the ability to add a bookmark directly to
your Speed dial from your URL bar and the ability to add unlimited
entries to your Speed Dial which I find very useful.

If you dont like the Smart-Page, you can always turn it off under
Settings. Though these features are very useful, Opera Mini is far
from Perfect. Users have begged Opera for a proper Download Manager
which it still lacks. There were some features in the Opera Mini Next
Beta that I feel should have been included in the final version. The
Save tab feature in the Opera Mini Next was a Blessing and should have
been in the final version.

Head over to from your phone to download the new Opera
Mini 7 and to download Opera Mini Next.